Cultural Terrorism, by Dr B.S.Harisankar to be released by Mohan Bhagavat

The book Cultural Terrorism, by Dr B.S.Harisankar will be released during an inaugural function by Shri Dr Mohan Bhagavatji (Sarsanghachalak of the RSS), on 29 Dec 2020 at Kesari Media Studies and Research Center, Kozhikode Kerala.

The collection of 21 articles by Dr Harishankar, contemplates on how India’s past is enormously influenced by vested interested lobbies especially by NGOs belonging to the Christian missionaries, both within India and abroad.

The main focus is on cultural terrorism and how various strategies are adopted to destroy Hindu culture by using archaeology, linguistics, and genetic studies. The nefarious role of the church- Communist nexus in tampering historical and Archeological evidence has been discussed elaborately. Archaeological and genetic evidence proving that Aryans did not come from outside into India are presented.

Many ancient civilizations were wiped out by both Christianity and Islam. Erasing these ancient cultures, including the present ones is termed as a cultural invasion. The threat to cultural values and identity of a nation through terrorism looms large over India and other countries. The author’s work gives us a timely warning in this aspect.

Cultural terrorism is a policy of attacking cultural values or of destroying cultural treasures inherited through a legacy. This cultural invasion is viewed very seriously and considered by the author as a war crime. The ideological and armed attack on culture is carried out because cultural terrorists know the power of culture to integrate people, rejuvenate society and blend conflicting diversities.

Section 2 of the book, examines meticulously the Aryan invasion theory ( AIT), caste system and racial issues in the Dravidian context sponsored by British colonialists and carried forward by post-colonial Indian Left historians and evangelists. . Research data of eminent Archeologists, anthropologists, and genetic studies have been provided to show how the AIT and caste theories are flawed.

The discussion on Eastern and Western concepts of Nationalism is important since Communist China has stressed the importance of nationhood at the 19th party Congres in 2017. Xi Jinping has signalled to the party to simultaneously be a Marxist and be proud of Chinese culture. The author opined that in the Indian context, the idea of Nationalism given by Swami Vivekananda and Aurobindo have been sidelined and discarded.

Among other themes debated and discussed in his work are classical Tamil and its synthesis with the Indian tradition, Abinava Gupta’s legacy wrt Kashmir’s connectivity with India, Ayodhya, Tippu sultan, and Jewish fraternity with India from ancient times. Foreign intervention at Archeological sites of Pattanam and Keezhadi ( TN), especially by arms dealers and espionage in global universities by Left lobbies and Wahabi groups are viewed seriously by the author.

Dr Harishankar is an archaeologist, historian, noted columnist and eminent writer who has authored seven books and several research papers. He has exclusively dedicated this work to the eminent thinker, late Sri P. Parameswaran Ji, who was director of Deendayal Research Institute, Delhi, director of Barateeya Vichar Kendram Tiruvandapuram, and president of Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari (Tamilnadu).

P. Krishnanunni