CPM successfully shifts focus of Media; Kerala is now behind murder of communist goons

File image of Akash Thillankeri (circled) who is the convicted in Shuhaib murder case with Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Naveen Nair/Firstpost

While the Kerala media is celebrating the twin murder case of CPM activists in the capital city, the ruling communist party is probably thrilled as they successfully managed to shift the focus of media from all those haunting stories of grave issues that was revealed in front of the public since a few weeks. The front pages of newspapers in the state are full of statements condemning the act by communist goons who are notorious for their brutal killings.

Meanwhile, the twin murder case in the capital city and the subsequent reports of Congress party worker’s involvement has dealt a body blow to the image of a party which always took a strong stance against political violence. With local body polls arriving and state assembly elections in another six months, senior leaders of the party will have to build a defence shield to fight back against the allegations of the ruling left dispensation that will project the twin murder to implicate and thus corner the Congress party.

Of the seven arrested, the main accused are Congress activists and the remand report revealed that the murder was a result of the political animosity that began from May 2019 during the election results announcement and an altercation that happened that further led to a personal vengeance between few of the accused in the case and the two deceased DYFI activists. There was widespread violence that took place across the state where at least 25 Congress party offices were vandalised and few of their local leaders were attacked in parts of Kannur and Kozhikode.