CPM expatriate organization calls for Kerala to be an independent country

A shocking video emerged in the social media shows a left expatriate organisation making anti-national remarks in a webinar conducted recently. In the video released by Janam TV, Basurendra Babu, a left activist is calling for activists to make Kerala an independent country.

Basurendra Babu says that Narendra Modi led union government is forcing RSS agenda in the country, however, they should at any cost stop any attempt on it. The video says that if this continues, the map of Kerala as existed prior-independence must be considered where Kerala would remain an independent country.

The topic of the webinar was ‘Post Truth Politics in the Age of Social Media’ Bhasurendra Babu in his speech also discussed the laying of the foundation stone in Ayodhya indicating that the same is the part of RSS agenda to promote Hindutva in India, changing the fundamental values of independent India.

The channel also has published a video quoting Basurendra Babu: