CPI(M)’s poster-boy-&-girl and a plagiarized ‘love poem’

    Controversial Left intellectual Deepa Nishanth is again in news for all wrong reasons. She has been caught red-handed plagiarizing a poem by young poet S Kalesh who had published it some seven years ago. Deepa, a college teacher, had published the poem titled Anganeyirikke in the house journal of All Kerala Private College Teachers’ Association (AKPCTA), as her own. When it came to the notice of Kalesh, he posted a Facebook message alleging that his poem Anganeyirikke Marichu Poyi Njan has been lifted word-by-word by Deepa with only minor changes here and there. He also posted evidence to substantiate his allegations. Initially, Deepa dismissed the allegation and put up a brave front. When Kalesh said if he didn’t get a proper reply he would seek legal remedy. The whole controversy triggered huge public outrage with even some so-called progressives mounting pressure on her to come clean on this.
    Realising that she had been caught red-handed, Deepa in a convoluted message apologized to Kalesh.
    In another FB post, she revealed that the poem was given to her by CPI(M)’s poster boy Srichithran who used to be a regular fixture in TV studios supporting the party on the Sabarimala issue. He is a staunch critic of Hindu organisations and notorious for below-the-belt comments on the social media. Srichithran allegedly gave the poem as a ‘love letter’ to Deepa, a married woman, and asked her to publish it on her name.
    After this revelation, Srichithran also wrote an apology in a highly convoluted and illegible Facebook post. He expressed the confidence that he will be able to continue his literary pursuits in future after this setback.
    The social media is celebrating the fall of two Lefties with a vengeance. Pro-Sangh Parivar trolls had a field day, as Deepa is one of the most hated personalities, thanks to her statements unbecoming of her stature as a teacher. Both of them were publicity seekers and used to provoke political rivals with stinging comments.

    Deepa is not new to controversies. She supported SFI’s beef festival on her college campus housing a temple. She courted controversy when she stood by the SFI when it put up obscene pictures of Durga painted by its activists. In one post, she stated that she wanted 31% of India’s voters who voted for BJP should be shot dead. In another FB post, she expressed her apprehension of a sexual assault at the hands of RSS/BJP men since a BJP leader is the municipal corporation councilor in the division where she lives.



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