CPI(M)’s intellectual bankruptcy: Plagiarists, molesters as cultural icons

Photo caption: CPI(M)’s poster-boy and poster-girl Srichithran and Deepa Nishanth: both are accused of plagiarism and were a regular fixture in Left meetings 

When the Communists took hold of Kerala in the 1950s it was imperative for them to create an alternative intellectual discourse. Kerala at the time was a traditional Hindu society. In almost every Hindu family, life was governed by our ancient guidelines.

Scriptures like Narayaneeyam, and Ithihasas like the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Shivapurana, Devi Purana and the Bhagavatham were well known to all. Most Hindu owned schools taught Sanskrit… and the Hindu’s life revolved around his/her family, community and temple.

Literature, art, history, etc., taught us to venerate our gods, royalty, sadhus and freedom fighters throughout the ages. Every child irrespective of the religion they practiced knew of Poonthaanam’s( a great poet  Krishna Bhakth) Jnanapaana , Veluva Mangalam, the great scholar who wrote the Narayaneeyam,  etc,, Yoddhas like Marthanada Varma, Velu Thambi Dalawa, Pazhshi Rajah, Unni Archa, etc.

The Communists realised that these idols and this system had to be pulled down and debased, mocked and degraded. Unless that happened their cardboard caricature leaders like Marx, Lenin, Stalin and their Indian counterparts would never be acceptable to Hindus.

So they systematically, with the help of the Congress, went about taking over academia, the field of arts, entertainment and media. For the next 50 years or so they created an atmosphere where Hindus were made to feel, ashamed to claim pride in their own ancient and peerless, religion and traditions.

They infiltrated the most haloed places of education, media and entertainment and covertly and overtly attacked every icon and aacharam that the Hindus held sacred. Constantly using the power of mass media, physical and mental coercion, blackmail as to jobs and educational allocation, etc., to keep Hindus in check.

To counter our ancient scriptures, itihasas and Puranas they created icons of questionable repute, gave them priority over others for publication of written and visual content, prime time on media and allowed their work to gain prominence by superficially hyping it. They thus created a set of noxious, Hinduphobic, anti-nationalistic parasites who were given perks plus a superfluous amount of monetary and other rewards for a good hatchet job done.

One of such toxic persons is Deepa Nishanth, Assistant Professor of Malayalam at the Kerala Varma College, Thrissur. She is one of the Left’s most followed cultural youth icons. She is described as progressive, modern, reformative and held up as an example of the new, independent free thinking woman of new Kerala.

Recently, this person was caught publicly for plagiarism. In spite of evidence to her intellectual theft of a poem written 8 years ago by the poet Kalesh. Immediately the Ecosystem around her hastened to protect her by shifting the blame onto the person who had sent her the poem.

She was promoted at various functions as a hapless victim, who just made a judgmental error. So much so that she was invited to be a judge at an essay competition at the recently held State Youth Festival. Deepa arrived triumphantly with a huge escort of policemen and women in a police vehicle and sat there judging the work of Kerala students.

How does the Left justify a teacher openly caught stealing and passing off someone else’s work as her own being in a position to judge a student’s work? Her answer was the two are not connected.

What do children who have their essays judged by a plagiarist learn from such an experience? What kind of a role model is she? It is also surprising that the management of Kerala Varma College has not suspended her pending enquiry.

The fact is most of these cultural icons propped up by the Left brigade will not stand up to scrutiny and they know this. They have spent years building up the cultural and literary scarecrow Deepa Nishanth…. so they cannot forsake her ….Not just yet.

Indus Scrolls Bureau adds:

Meanwhile the state government has included state transport minister AK Sasindran, who was accused of sexual harassment, in the ministerial panel set up to oversee preparations for ‘Women’s Wall’ allegedly being organised to protect women’s rights.

Another minister in the panel is AK Balan, a member of an ‘illegal’ committee set up by the CPI(M) to probe rape charges against party MLA PK Sasi levelled by a very young party worker. It is rumoured that Balan has tried his best to deflect the allegation against Sasi by arguing that it was a result of factionalism in the local unit. Ironically, the party had chosen rapist Sasi to lead a state-wide women’s march highlighting women rights.