CPI(M) unleashing reign of terror in party strongholds in Kerala

    In the face of mounting public anger and voter apathy towards the CPI(M), the party cadre has started targeting political rivals in Kerala. A group of CPI(M) goons mounted a murderous attack on a BJP team at Tallassery in Kannur on April 14 in which Tallassery mandalam president MP Sumesh, K Agesh, K Ligesh and Vaishakh were injured. The Tata Sumo they were travelling in was also attacked.

    Political skirmshes have taken place in other areas where the CPI(M) has strong presence. In Kottarakkara, a group of CPI goons attacked BJP workers. The CPI workers were angry that a group of their sympathisers have joined the BJP.

    Earlier, a video that went viral showed that a group of CPI(M) activists tearing off posters of rival politicians.


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