CPI(M) minister relents, issues directive against selling non-veg items in Devaswom Board canteen

In the wake of national outrage and widespread state-wide protest, Travancore Devaswom Board minister Kadakampally Surendran has issued a directive not to sell non-vegetarian food items from the Devaswom canteen. The canteen was set up removing a Vedic school.

“A directive has been issued to Devaswom Board officials stating that the canteen should only serve vegetarian dishes. Apart from protests against including non-vegetarian dishes there was also to give a communal angle to the whole issue,” said the minister.

Indus Scrolls was the first news outlet to follow up the issue after it was highlighted by @Ex-comrade. The issue triggered a massive outrage over the Communists.

CPI(M)-controlled temple panel removes Vedic school, runs non-veg restaurant that serves beef items



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