CPI(M) leader’s anti-India remarks aimed at placating pro-jihadi elements?

VS Achuthanandan, popularly known as VS, the only surviving leader among the 32 persons who had walked out of the Communist Party of India (CPI)’s Central Committee office at Calcutta (now Kolkata) to form CPI(M), had to face the wrath of his party in 1962. His crime: He campaigned among jail inmates for blood donation for injured Indian soldiers who were fighting against the Chinese aggression. VS and his colleagues were arrested on the suspicion that they were spying for Chinese. He had to pay a price for straying away from the party line: he was demoted from party positions.

Communists have always worked for weakening the country’s political integrity and social unity. The notorious Calcutta Thesis was a bid to establish Communist rule in India through “the barrel of a gun”. They sided with the British during the Quit India Movement. They hoped that after World War II, Russians would invade India and handover the power to CPI.

Those who presume that the Communists have changed their political line with the collapse of Communism in the world, think twice. After 56 years, CPI(M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, who was also the Home Minister of  Kerala in the last government, openly accused India and a few other countries of trying to destabilize China. He even justified China’s recent aggression in India’s northeastern border.

Addressing party workers, Balakrishnan said, “The 19th party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party took a strong line against those who violate its territorial integrity. The US, Japan, Australia, and India are trying to destabilize China.”

Balakrishnan is known for making bizarre comments. But political observers believe he made the statement with a design. The Left has been getting closer to pro-jihadi elements in Kerala and within the party. Islamists and Leftists were on the same page on many issues. When the National Anthem controversy was raging, the CPI(M) stood with the protesters. The Left has been giving intellectual inputs and platforms for the extremist groups.

The Students Federation of India, student’s wing of the CPI(M), has been stirring up anti-national sentiments on the campuses. A major chunk of the cadres and supporters of the CPI(M) are laymen. They are not concerned about the ideological nuances. But jihadi elements have penetrated into the organization and have been promoting anti-national sentiments.

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