Covid surge in Kerala: Vehicles to be arranged in local bodies for transporting patients

The government instructed local bodies to arrange vehicles for transporting Covid patients to hospital during emergency situation.

The vehicles should be given for taking people who are suspected to be infected of Coronavirus to checkup centres, bringing health workers to vaccination centres and giving urgent help to the people staying in home quarantine.

All local bodies should prepare a transportation plan and open a control room. Three mobile numbers should be made public. Minimum five vehicles should be arranged in panchayats, 10 in municipalities and 25 in corporations. At least one or two vehicles should have oxygen supply facility.

If anyone requests help, the vehicles should be made available within 5 minutes. In order to arrange this service, an agreement should be made with all ambulances in the area. Other vehicles should be arranged through sponsorship or minimum rent with the help of cooperative or private institutions.

Individuals also can be requested to give their vehicles during emergency situations. Agreement should be made with auto-taxi unions for arranging vehicles for other patients. Only the vehicles registered in the control room should be used.

People who accompany the Covid patients should wear PPE kits. Security should be ensured in vehicles that carry women. If possible, the local bodies should arrange accommodation for the drivers of such vehicles and their assistants. Also there should be facilities to pay the rent for the vehicle, if the patient is financially capable.