COVID 19 patient dies in TN; experts hail national lockdown

    A person died of Coronavirus attack in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday.  This is the first death due to COVID-19 in the state.

    Confirming the death of the Madurai patient in a tweet, State Health Minister C. Vijayabaskar said the COVID-19 positive patient died at the Rajaji Hospital. According to Vijayabaskar, the patient had a medical history of prolonged illness with steroid dependent chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and uncontrolled diabetes with hypertension.

    The minister also said the COVID-19 with comorbidity like uncontrollable diabetes and hypertension, immunosuppression are high risk conditions and asked people with such conditions to be extra cautious. Out of the total 18 COVID-19 infected persons in the state, one person was discharged from the hospital and one death, the total number of patients now are 16.

    India is at the threshold of a major medical calamity as the country was witnessing a steady rise in the number of cases. Experts hailed the decision of the Prime Minister to implement 21-day lockdown in the country to combat the pandemic. “We feel if asocial distancing’ is not implemented seriously, by end-April hospitals may be full of patients and the situation could be totally unmanageable,” said A.M. Deshmukh, President of Microbiologists Society, India (MSI).

    Expressing worries over the manner in which people are blatantly flouting norms of asocial distancing’ and continue to crowd in open, Deshmukh said this poses a huge risk of spreading the virus by ‘contact’.

    The MSI has shot off a memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding that in view of this, the ‘Janata Curfew’ of March 22 must be extended and continued for at least another 14 days to effectively check the spread of the coronavirus.


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