Counting of votes underway for keenly contested US Presidential Elections

In the United States, counting of votes is underway for the keenly contested Presidential Election.

Over 160 million votes were cast in the US Presidential Election-2020, a turnout rate of about 67 per cent, which is higher than the country has witnessed in more than a century.

Voting across the nation was largely smooth as voters lined up across Polling Stations in the country to cast their ballots.

Though the security at the White House, government buildings and major commercial avenues across the US has been tightened as America braced for possible unrest and violence in a bitter and divisive polls.

According to initial report in the battleground state Mr Biden is leading in Arizona, Minnesota and New Hampshire. 

On the other hand,  Mr Trump is leading in Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Texas.

As the initial result of the Presidential Election left the outcome in the balance, Republican candidate and incumbent President Donald Trump claimed that his party is winning big.

Addressing a his supporters, he said, results coming right now have been phenomenal and they are getting ready for a big celebration.

Earlier in a tweet this morning, President Trump accused Democrats of attempting to steal the election from him.

He said, he will move the Supreme Court to dispute the counting process.

On the other hand, Democratic candidate Joe Biden urged his supporters to Keep the faith.

Appearing before supporters in his hometown of Wilmington at Delaware, Mr Biden, asked them to keep faith as they are going to win this election.