Cops smuggle 2 Maoist women into Sabarimala; temple shut and shudhi rituals to start

    With covered faces and accompanied by policemen in mufti, two workers of the outlawed CPI(ML) below 40 years of age managed to sneak into Sabarimala at 3.45 am on Tuesday. The two women who entered Sabarimala were Bindu and Kanakdurga. According to reports, the women were kept in a hideout in Pampa by the police. The government had deployed CPI(M) and SDPI, an extremist Islamic outfit, sympathisers in the police to crush popular upsurge against violation of traditions. However, despite the best efforts, the women did not climb the Holy ‘Eighteen Steps’ as the police feared there will be a protest from the devotees.

    Meanwhile, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan confirmed that two women had entered Sabarimala and the police provided protection to them.

    According to reports suggest that the main stakeholders — the Chief Priest, Thantri and the representative of the Pandalam Royal family are mulling over shutting down the temple and perform shudhi rituals as it is evident that the traditions were violated.

    It is failure of govt: BJP

    Senior BJP leader said it is a war on devotees of Sabarimala. This is definitely not a victory of the government which had to resort to deceit to smuggle two atheists to Sabarimala.

    Devotees heart-broken

    Social media has erupted in protest on the reports of violation of Sabarimala traditions. Indus Scrolls office too received many calls from heart-broken women devotees from different parts of the country.

    Seema Jayaram, a poet, stated: “No I am not broken neither is my faith in my traditions, culture, heritage, my deities and above all the eternal wisdom taught by Sanatana Dharma.. just because two atheists penguins scuttled in with political muscle power and ran past the Divya Jyoti of Swamy Ayappan I am not gonna be crestfallen..if anything it strengthens my resolve to understand the basis of my traditions deeper in order to better defend them from evil like I have been doing past two weeks sacrificing sleep to gorge on the visual display being unravelled in the month of temple festivals across a wide geographic spread ranging from TN to North Kanara to Kerala… Those who try to desecrate holy traditions and Faith’s willfully will have their own conscience to fear.”


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