Cops send 2 young women activists on way to Sabarimala back

    Reshma Nishanth and Shanila made one more futile attempt to enter the Sabarimala temple and violate the traditions during the wee hours today, January 19, 2019. But, the district magistrate convinced them to abandon their bid fearing resistance from devotees.
    Reshma and Shanila belong to Kannur and are activists of the CPI(M). Clad in male dress with face covered they made a bid to enter Sabarimala on January 16. Protest broke out when some devotees — a major part of that crowd of devotees belonged to other states – identified them. The police assured the duo that they would make all arrangements to take them to Sabarimala on another day. It is rumoured that the police arranged stay for them in a place close to Sabarimala.
    Devotees fear there will be further attempts by Left activists to enter Sabarimala. It is true that the government suffered a face loss in the Supreme Court on a petition filed by Kanaka Durga and Bindu Ammini. The government was hoping that the Supreme Court would make some adverse comments on the Thantri but the CJI refused chose to ignore it.
    Also the government came out with a list of 51 young women who allegedly entered the temple in the Supreme Court. However, the claim proved to be bogus as many of them were above 50 years and some were men. Some of the names were fake. A person whose name figured in the list has never visited Kerala. So, temple entry of young women before temple closes tomorrow after the Makara Vilakku season became a prestige issue for the CPM regime. Therefore, still it is not clear whether Pinarayi will make one more attempt during the next 24 hours.