Controversy Erupts as ‘Pure Gangajal’ Marketed for Baptism; Distributor Returns Goods to the manufacturer in Uttarakhand

Bangalore based distributor of the controversial Gangajal for Baptism returned the goods to the manufacturer in Uttarakhand following the widespread agitation of Hindu organisations. Speaking to Indus Scrolls, Gokul, a representative of the agency said that they were not aware of the product details and didn’t want to hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

It was through a social media post in which a bottle of water carrying the sticker saying ‘Pure Gangajal for Baptism uses only’ sparked controversy. The post was widely circulated in the social media triggering widespread agitation of Hindus. The posts reminded various ways in which Christians use Hindu signs to attract people towards the religion in order to aid conversion.

Hindu Organisations says that unable to come up with anything worthwhile itself because of restrictions on free speech and thought in monotheism, the church adopts a dirty trick: steal the output of superior non-Christian cultures and repackage it as Christian. They also point out that the plagiarism is done shamelessly and in broad daylight, and the church has been doing it for the last 1,500 years.

While most of such acts are being staged in Kerala, the same reflects in the neighbouring states such as Tamil Nadu. A number of Christian missionary schools in Northern India, in the name of the ‘quality of education rendered by Kerala teachers’ too, attracts a number of people towards the religion by injecting religious venom to the veins of children studying in their schools.

Earlier Soorya Namaskar was reintroduced by Kerala Christians under the name Jesu (Jesus) Namaskar. Several classic Hindu devotional songs are also remade in the name of Jesus that exploits the deep sentiments of Hindus towards the songs. There is also trends in Kerala where pillars, like that of Dwajasthambam, the holy pillar in front of the temples, are raised in front of the churches.

The manufacturer of ‘Gangajal for Baptism was not available for comment.