‘Confessions of the last Indian Hindu’: Shefali Vaidya’s posts have set internet on fire

Rightwing activist Shefali Vaidya, who enjoys massive following on Twitter and other social media platforms, has set the internet on fire with her “Confessions of the last Indian Hindu”. In a series of tweets tinged with sarcasm, she tries to prod the lethargic Hindu to give a thought to the onslaught his community is facing from different quarters. Following are the tweets in verbatim.
Confessions of the last Indian Hindu
First they came 4 Kashmiri Hindus. They killed, raped and forced Kashmiri Hindus to flee. As it was a Kashmir problem, I did not do anything
Then they turned Tyrant n murderer Tipu into a hero. Some people fm Karnataka protested. But it was a Karnataka problem, so I did not join.
Then they filed a PIL against #jallikattu, a Hindu tradition. Ppl fm Tamil Nadu protested. But it was a Tamizh problem, so I didn’t bother.
Then day converted Hindu women in Kerala in name of ‘love’ n hacked Hindu men to death. Sm ppl cried bt it was a Kerala prob, I did nothing.
Then they burnt Hindu houses in WB n banned Durga Pooja immersion. Again, sm ppl spoke, but as it was a Bengal problem, I was not concerned.
Then they settled 40,000 Rohingya Muslims in India, same ppl who had killed Myanmar Hindus. I didn’t bother. It was a Myanmar problem.
Then they banned crackers on the eve of Diwali in Delhi. Some people protested, But I didn’t speak. After all, it was a Delhi problem!
Then they came for me. Asking me to stop breathing, because my breathing depletes O2 levels in air. I protested.
I begged other Hindus to come and help me. But no one came. Because most of the Hindus were dead already!
The few Dhimmi Hindus who were allowed to live told me to sort it out myself, as it is MY problem!

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