Compulsory to take two doses of COVID vaccine, says Kerala Health Minister

Health Minister KK Shailaja stated that those who take the first dose of COVID vaccine should compulsorily take the second dose as well. The desired result can only be yielded if both doses of vaccine are taken in regular intervals. The second dose should be taken after 4 to 6 weeks from taking the first dose. Even the minor irritations that one feels after taking the first dose should be reported. The time period for taking the second dose was extended to understand such difficulties, the minister added.

KK Shailaja also strongly warned against spreading false information regarding the vaccine. There is nothing to be afraid of, she said after inaugurating a health department workshop.

The vaccine drive will be held as per the guidelines issued by the central government. It is only through vaccinations that artificial immunity can be developed, she added.

The vaccine will be distributed to health workers in the first phase. They will be given proper instructions to take part in the vaccination drive. We can return to normal and independent lives only if everyone takes part in this vaccination drive, KK Shailaja said.

Ministers will be given the responsibility of the vaccination in respective districts. KK Shailaja also sought everyone’s support to make the vaccination drive a success.