Chinese firms offer support to India for building medical infra

As India is reeling under the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese companies have offered help to build makeshift hospitals like those in Wuhan.

China Railway Construction Corp told Beijing’s official media outlet that Chinese companies can help countries undergoing coronavirus lockdowns like India. “Chinese companies working on existing projects in India, with sufficient supply networks in place, can take over the construction of makeshift hospitals like those in Wuhan upon India’s invitation,” the expert said.

China is closely watching how India is managing the epidemic. However, India has not sought any help from China except for raw materials for the pharma sector.

Speaking to Global Times, Dai Yonghong, director of the Institute of Bay of Bengal Studies under Shenzhen University, said China and India should step up cooperation in the fight against the virus, for example, in information sharing and vaccine development.

However, several experts have warned against any collaboration with Chinese, as there is serious trust deficit exists with that country in India. Also many experts are skeptical of the quality and durability of Chinese equipment and machinery. In the meanwhile, there was a controversy that the test kits and other medical paraphernalia supplied by China to Spain were not functioning properly.


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