CBSE to ease exams; introduces revised assessment and evaluation practices

In a bid to improve learning outcomes and encourage critical and creative thinking among students, CBSE has revised its assessment and evaluation practices. Reports indicate that students appearing in the CBSE board exams in 2020 will have an easier paper that will ensure effective assessment of knowledge.

In a tweet yesterday, CBSE said that the number of descriptive questions in class 10th question papers in many subjects has been reduced for subjects like Hindi, English, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Home Science, and Sanskrit. Lesser number of descriptive questions imply that the paper will less lengthy and time-taking than it used to be.

In the beginning of this year, CBSE had announced some major changes in the assessment methods citing the gap between learning outcomes and assessment methods. As per the proposed assessment plan, CBSE will introduce internal assessment component for all subjects in class 12. Till now, CBSE used to conduct examination for 100 marks for subjects like Mathematics, Political Science, and Legal Studies. But under the proposed assessment scheme, even subjects like Mathematics will have internal assessment component of at least 20 marks.

Also, the board exam question papers will also have objective component in question paper from next year. Minimum 25% marks will be allotted to objective type questions including multiple-choice questions. Subjective questions will comprise at most 75% marks. The number of subjective questions will also be reduced to allow students enough time to give ‘analytical and creative responses’. The proposed changes will be implemented from the upcoming academic year which will start in April 2019.

“It is a necessity now that ‘assessment of learning’ must be augmented with ‘assessment as learning’ and ‘assessment for learning'”, says CBSE.

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