Can’t sacrifice US economy for few elderly: Texas Lt. Guv

    In an interview to Fox News, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has said that the US cannot sacrifice its economy for a few lives of elders. According to him, US’s financial well-being is more important than the elderly.

    “I’m living smart, listening to the president and the CDC guidelines like all people should, but I’m not living in fear of COVID-19. What I’m living in fear of is what’s happening to this country,” he said.

    “No one reached out to me and said, ‘As a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?’”

    “And if that’s the exchange, I’m all in,” said Patrick, a grandfather of six. Patrick said his message is that the country needs to get back to work “and those of us who are 70 plus, we’ll take care of ourselves, but don’t sacrifice the country.”

    In a candid way he said: “…I’m just saying that we’ve got a choice here. And we’re going to be in a total collapse, recession, depression, collapse in our society…. We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.”