Can we ever forgive Nehru?

It’s really one of the world’s monumental oddities.

I speak/write against Jawaharlal Nehru only when someone speaks/writes in his favour. Certainly, I am not a compulsive critique of anyone, howsoever lofty, lowly or loony he/she may be. As Nehru is repeatedly referred to when it comes to the mention of so-called Modern India, he is certain to invite intense ridicule and sarcastic comments, at least from someone so irrepressible like me. People have been asking me as to why I am such an ardent Nehru-antagonist. I list out a few popular reasons as to why you too, should love to hate the Villain PM of this country who appropriated the high Office of Prime Minister by forcibly pushing out the Greatest Prime Minister Sardar Patel country never had.

After being born with a platinum spoon in his mouth, Cambridge-educated, having comfortably spent 3,262 days in British-Indian prisons without any third degree tortures like a royal guest during freedom movement, after having led a single-party Government in a newly liberated country for 17 continuous years, Nehru failed to leave behind any memorable imprint for generations to come, to remember fondly. Add the unquestioned adulation that he received from crores of uneducated/long-subjugated people of the country, yet his dubious legacy turned out to be a calamity as neatly summed up by a journalist late Janardana Thakur in these words, “Most of the evils that have corroded India in the last 50 years, had their beginning during the Nehru-Raj.” Nehru split the country into pieces, geographically, economically, politically, linguistically, religiously, socially…and what not. Volumes have been written on all these and it is not advisable to recount anyone of these for want of space.

In October 1947, Brigadier SHFJ Manekshaw, DG (Military Operations) co-attended a meeting chaired by Viceroy Mountbatten (he continued as Viceroy even after attainment of so-called independence in August) with Nehru, Sardar Patel and Sardar Baldev Singh. Brig. SHFJ bluntly told the Viceroy, if troops were not flown into Srinagar immediately, everything would be lost as road journey was too long and arduous and Pakistanis would have captured airport much before that. He sought permission to fly down troops to Srinagar. As the Viceroy looked at Nehru, he started talking about UN, Russia, Africa…then Sardar Patel fired Nehru right in presence of the Viceroy, “Where is your order, Jawaharlal?” then turned to the brave olive-greened Officer and instructed him as Dy. PM, “Go ahead.” Thereafter, brave Brig. SHFJ did a marvellous job in Srinagar. Without Sardar’s blunt intervention, Nehru would have lost J&K for the country forever. Later in the same month, he refused permission to General Thimayya’s plea though supported by Sardar Patel to neutralise Pakistanis who had invaded Kashmir. Had Nehru allowed that, Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir would not have existed today. He took the matter to UN much against wishes of Sardar Patel/MK Gandhi and offered plebiscite in Kashmir on All India Radio much against repeated advice of Home Minister Sardar Patel. From the abode of Siva/Agama Saivism  to the level of ‘Jahannum’ with rivers of blood flowing all the time/blasting bombs shaking entire Valley even after six decades…what a destruction just because he did not allow Sardar Patel to handle Kashmir.

In February 1951, Assam Governor Jairamdas Daulatram suspected some evil plans of Chinese, ordered a young Naga Officer Major Bob Khathing to move immediately and assume charge of Tawang Valley, now in Arunachal Pradesh which he did very well commanding 200 soldiers while the decision/operation annoyed Nehru to no limits. Later, when the Governor called on Nehru in Delhi, Nehru shouted on him angrily exclaiming as to who authorised him to do that…he should have been consulted before and declared it a colossal stupidity. Then Nehru ordered PMO to black-out entire narrative of the milestone of success from records. Chinese did not have even maps of Tawang at that time and they discovered only in 1954 that Tawang used to be administered by Tibet till 1914 which they now invoke to stake claim over Tawang. By that time, it was too late for Chinese to ‘liberate’ Tawang and for Nehru, to impose his pacifist views on the country.

First Prime Minister of India himself was the traitor who did not spare an opportunity to stab the nation in her back.

After MK Gandhi’s assassination in 1948 by Nathuram Godse, PM Nehru organised genocide of some 4000 Maharashtrian Brahmins in Pune, leveraged the assassination by banning Rama-Rajya Parisad, Hindu Mahasaba, RSS, etc. Representation of Hindu voice was almost obliterated from the Constituent Assembly, they were all declared communal, diverted entire intense anger against Partition-1947 towards Brahmins and Brahmanism, did not spare even a single effort to transform the Constitution anti-Hindu secular while Pakistan walked away with a Muslim State and a large chunk of Islamic population stayed back in Bharat.

He included Article 370 in the Constitution to handle Kashmir directly though Dr. Ambedkar and Congress stoutly opposed it.

During talks with Pakistan between Dec. 1962 and May 1963, Nehru proposed to draw a new international line between India and Pakistan. When questioned about sovereignty, Nehru feigned innocence by saying, “Sovereignty over what?”

In 1950, Nehru gifted Coco Islands, some 900 km away from Kolkata and in 1954, Kabu in Manipur to Burma. Burma shared a part of these with China who have been launching intelligence operations from there since then. We lost 11,000 sqkm of territory through Kabu.

In 1952, King Tribhuvan Vikram Shah of Nepal wished to merge Nepal into Bharat. Nehru declined on the ground that the move would ruin Nepalese Tourism.

In 1948, Nawab Khan of Baluchistan proposed to merge the territory with Bharat and forwarded an official letter too. Nehru declined and soon after, Baluchistan was captured by Pakistan.

Oman offered to hand over Gwadar Port to Bharat which again, Nehru declined. They then handed it over to Pakistan and the Port became a security headache for the country when China took it over.

Nehru was against acquisition of Nizam’s Hyderabad which compelled Union Home Minister Sardar Patel to order Operation Polo to acquire when Nehru was abroad. Only after Operation Polo was successfully completed and Hyderabad merged into Bharat, was Nehru allowed to land in Delhi. When Sardar Patel informed Nehru about the acquisition over phone, Nehru angrily banged the phone receiver over its cradle.

Nehru had opposed liberation of Goa from Portuguese occupation. Goa had to be finally liberated from foreign occupation by RSS.

When UN offered permanent seat in Security Council for India, Nehru declined it and proposed China to be admitted instead. Needless to say, almost all pro-India proposals have been shot down by China in UNSC ever since then.

His E-theology of mixed economy and economic socialism are moronic to say the least. He deliberately maintained abysmally low GDP, rampant shortages through public sector monopoly, licencing and controls. He was ‘King of Corruption’. Though he declared he would hang every black-marketeer by the nearest tree, he also declared “So what?” to corruption, that “country’s money remained within the country”. All those corrupt thugs used to be honoured guests at government functions late into evenings. Very few remember that first Voluntary Disclosure Scheme came during Nehru era wherein only one-third of the black money was confiscated and the rest converted into white overnight. He destroyed entrepreneurship of the nation completely and left us at the mercy of hoarders/black-marketeers/smugglers, then blamed Hindu-Communalism for the poor ‘Hindu  rate of growth’. Corruption became DNA of the nation, a dubious Nehruvian legacy.

Nehru’s foreign policy of non-alignment revealed his juvenile mentality regarding strategic foreign alliances that dragged him into international fora when he should have been burning 90% of his time on teething domestic issues. Bharat earned the dubious distinction of being the only non-aligned country in the world that supported Soviet aggression in Hungary. Chinese treachery further made a mockery of non-alignment as not a single non-aligned country supported us and Nehru had to wretchedly beg for assistance from USA /Britain during Chinese invasion. Chinese incursions started in 1954 itself yet he did not disclose that to the nation. His idiotic pursuit of world peace coupled with his aversion to military action led him to the puerile pursuit of “Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai Mirage” and the shameful defeat in 1962 at the hands of Chinese. Not a single clause of ‘Panchasheel’ Agreement signed by him in spite of protests, was in favour of the nation. His Defence Minister Krishna Menon was such a weird personality bordering lunacy that under his governance, ordnance factories were manufacturing hair-clips, pressure-cookers and toys when Chinese raided the country in 1962. He trusted China instead of trusting USA during those tumultuous years hence, very poor quality foodgrains supplied by the USA under PL480 to save us from famine was an expression of frustration and anger against Nehru’s pro-China/pro-Soviet tilt. A vast, continent sized ancient nation was insulted/humiliated only because of his personal predilections.

As US President John Kennedy did not want a poor defenceless country to fall in hands of armed and aggressive Communists, he offered and proposed to Nehru to go nuclear. Only if Nehru had accepted the offer, China would not have dared invading Bharat in 1962.

It was Nehru who sowed the seeds of today’s soft Indian state.

Though he authored ‘Discovery of India’ yet he could never discover it because nation existed in Bharat Varsha and not in India. As a strong votary of the bogus ideology of secularism, he strongly believed, real threat to India did not emanate from communism but Hindu  right-wing communalism. It is recorded by his last Foreign Secretary YS Gundevia in his book, Outside The Archives. That belief prompted Nehru to bring out the radical Hindu Code Bill 1956 while rejecting the Constitutional mandate for Uniform Civil Code and allowing a window of opportunity for Muslims to perpetuate Shariat in a Hindu  country. He only nourished anti-national/fissiparous theory of minoritism completely ignoring responsibility of Muslim League for vivisecting the nation followed by fierce genocide of hapless Hindus. Thus, Nehru became the first pseudo-secularist to pursue dubious policy of minority appeasement. His much-maligned tribe has grown in geometric progression since then.

His concept of Parliamentary democracy was confined to the boundary walls of Parliament alone. Outside the hallowed precincts of Parliament, he was hardly ever bothered to discuss sensitive/ important national matters with his cabinet colleagues. His humiliation of Sardar Patel in cabinet meetings is all too well known. His autocratic dismissal of the Communist government of Kerala invited the comment of Hiren Mukherjee of India being a “Strip-tease democracy”. There are some who are inclined to credit him for sustenance of democracy in the country. They are the ignorant ones who do not know that virtues of freedom, civil liberties, open society flow in Hindu  blood. That constitutes Hindu  DNA too. Nehru was too petty a minion to perpetuate democracy in a country like our’s endowed with such a glorious, ancient history that it could dazzle any number of beholders out of their wits.

If we talk about his role in establishing IITs/IIMs, he comes out a cropper. He allowed all brains to migrate abroad after providing them heavily subsidised education to work cheap for the betterment of western economies. Nation paid heavily through her nose for his silly fads and fallacies. On the contrary, had he invested heavily in basic education as first priority and compulsory-free girl’s education, contours of the nation would have been beyond recognition today. He was not a visionary at all though his pathetic followers yell and howl so day in, day out.

He destabilised entire North-East by offering kid-glove treatment to Nagaland. And Nagaland was administered under the supervision of External Affairs Ministry with Nehru as the PM.

He saw the nation through British eyes, could not visualise malevolence of the British imperialism, continuance of colonial mind-set even in post-colonial country and emergence of democratically elected feudal lords/plunderers/despots for the nation.

About his character, less said the better. Yet I venture to mention his entanglement with Edwina Mountbatten who was planted by the British masters as wife of the Viceroy, to trap not only Nehru but also Jinnah. Finally Jinnah came around to demand Pakistan, Nehru agreed for the Transfer of Power Agreement, 1947, then a series of tragedies followed the nation. His heart throbbed for Edwina Mountbatten much more than for Bharat. Nehru would have declined to accept Bharat as Mata  in spite of the fact, soil of Bharata  makes our bodies and food grains provided by her, assure our lives. Bharata Mata ki Mitti  is all the more adorable, deserves to be worshipped all the time because it is the same Mitti  which constituted bodies of Sri Rama/Vasudeva Sri Krsna, scores of Rishis and Maharishis…Bharatavarsa is not an ordinary country.

He spied on the family of Netaji Bose for 20 long years. That affirms, he was a highly diminished ‘Political Scum’ who mortally feared loss of office and power.

Always opposed/undermined formulation of Uniform Civil Code. Absence of UCC has harmed Hindus much less than what it has done to Muslims. And Muslims still do not understand extent of damage already undergone by them.

He was so desperate to become PM that he stabbed in back of everyone of his associates, 33 crore natives of the nation and signed transfer of power agreement 1947, committed to continue with the British rule without any change whatsoever. He thus, trampled entire freedom struggle and sacrifices of patriots under his shoes. That way, he earned the dubious distinction of being the worst traitor in recorded history, anywhere in the world.

He was too great and too modest, both concurrently. He was so humble/modest in awarding himself Bharat Ratna  simply because Nobel Peace Prize steadfastly refused to recognise him. He died with the strange satisfaction, quite often world fails to recognise greatness of those who happen to be too great (in reality or otherwise).

He sired a dynasty that diminished and destroyed the country, a highly accomplished ancient nation that had always been a beacon of excellence in every discipline for the world. What a contrast from Bhisma Pitamaha  of Kuru Vamsa  who resolutely declined to marry at all in order to protect the Kingdom of Hastinapur.

He left the country littered with ruins, ruins of hopes, ruins of opportunities lost, ruins of everything he could lay his hands on. Jawahar Lal Nehru happens to be one of the worst criminals of nation’s history.

I leave it to the wisdom of people to judge him on the basis of his commissions and omissions.