Build bridges of trust between civil society and corporates: experts

    The Companies Act of 2013 has statutory provisions, making Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandatory for companies with networth of Rs 500 crore or more, turnover of at least Rs 1,000 crore and net profit of at least Rs 5 crore. The requirement: spending at least 2 per cent of their profits on CSR and constituting a separate committee on their board. According to experts, despite this huge number of active NGOs, many global agencies, private and public sector companies do not find enough eligible partners to work with which created a sort of ‘trust deficit’  between the two on the aspect of transparency and in designing the program.

    A panel discussion on the topic was organized by well known consulting firm ‘Bridge’ on ways of how to bridge the gap between the two by organizing the consultation on ‘Bridging the trust deficit between NGO’s and the Corporate’ was organised at the India International Centre by The Bridge, a social consulting firm that has been acting as a catalyst between NGO’s and responsible business houses.

    The session was chaired by former DGP and founder general secretary Prayas JAC Amod Kanth, while the distinguished panellists included Rakesh Jinsi, president, The Bridge, international management consultant and trainer Rajiv Khurana, Stipendiary Ombudsman Vinod Pande, Corporate Head CSR and sustainability, Jindal stainless limited group, Brig. Rajiv Williams.

    The panel discussion opened avenues for bridging the trust deficit between NGOs and the corporate. The delegates came from Chennai, Jaipur and Delhi (NCR) and represented both NGOs as well as the corporate. Both Delegates and Corporate felt the dire need for such panel discussion. Amod Kanth echoing the voice of the NGO’s stated that “Voluntary sector is best suited to attend the needs of the social sector, why Ngos must exist and why they are important while Brig Williams, Head CSR and Sustainability, Jindal Stainless Limited Group shared his views and mind set of the corporate that the “Corporate are taking roles of NGOs. There is a need to support smaller NGOs and not the bigger NGOs”

    The panel discussion was followed by the launch of The Bridge India, the monthly e-Magazine of the firm The Bridge. Delegates from different parts of the country along with professionals from the social sector including NGO’s and corporate were present.

    The discussion revolved around creating a mechanism to bring interested corporate and well experienced NGOs on a platform that would facilitate to build a meaningful partnership based on mutual trust in the social sector. Executive Director The Bridge, Seema Jairath  concluded the event with a vote of thanks to all the panellists and delegates and assured the necessary steps to be taken emerged from the panel discussion participants at the event.