BSc student develops two sensor-based wearable gadgets to fight against COVID-19

A few sections of people like Doctors and Police are fighting COVID-19 from the frontline, while some others are contributing to the fight against Corona virus through Science and Innovation. Sneha, a BSC (Electronics) student from Karimnagar district in Telangana is one among them. She developed a COVID-19 Smart Watch and Social Distance Identity Card, both will warn people about the spread of Coronavirus.

Sneha, a first-year BSC (Electronics) student from Karimnagar in Telangana has developed two sensor-based wearable gadgets to caution people from Coronavirus. The SmartWatch will give a beep sound to notify the person who is wearing it, when there is a possible infection through hands by touching their mouth or eyes. Another gadget developed by her, the Social Distancing Identity Card, will notify by ringing a beep sound when somebody comes close to the person who is wearing it. Sneha says she developed these gadgets by using minimum components.

Sneha is receiving appreciation from all quarters for her efforts in fight against COVID-19.