Brooke Bond to break ‘deep-rooted prejudice’ of Hindus; #BoycottRedLabel trends in Twitter

Brooke Bond to break ‘deep-rooted prejudice’ of Hindus; #BoycottRedLabel trends in Twitter

Following a controversial add on Ganesh Chaturthi by Hindustan Liver Company, thousands of netizens are tweeting under the hashtag #BoycottRedLabel. With a description ‘inspired by a true story’, the ad is on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi which has invited stringent criticism on its anti-Hindu elements which literally says Hindus have ‘deep-rooted prejudice’.

A man is seen visiting a shop to buy the idol of Ganesha. As he is about to buy hearing the Islamic prayer the owner of the shop wears the cap, seeing which the young man abandons his plan. The video further shows the young man offered with a cup of tea, drinking which he books the idol from the Muslim shop owner.

Though Ganesh Chaturthi, often considered as a festival of togetherness, the advertisement that contains elements that religious harmony, the description of Hindu Prejudice is what brings more rage from Hindus. Netizens ask why Hindus are being targeted, while it is the Islamic view that is against religious harmony.

The trending indicates that inspired by the controversy a number of Hindu families would boycott Hindustan Brook bond tea whereas the hashtag also asks to boycott all products by Hindustan Unilever.


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