Bring the Power of Sun within You by Wearing Ruby

Ruby or Manik is a natural, deep pink or blood red coloured, precious gemstone of the Corundum family. Vedic astrology recommends rubies to be worn for success and growth in businesses, jobs, social status, authority and self-confidence.

Ruby gemstone is termed being the birthstone of Leo, thus, wearing this stone proves extremely beneficial for the ascendants of this zodiac sign. Apart from this, those who are born between 16th August to 17th September and date 1, 10, 28 of any months have been confirmed to be the prominent beneficiaries of this stone.

Astrological Significance

Sun is the monarch of this universe. Without the sun, no life can rule out on earth or any other planet. Sun is the center of existence and it has got the immense ability to make positive or negative impacts on its wearer life as per its alignment in its horoscope.

Fortunately, if the sun exists in positive or favorable houses will derive positive energy, sound health, creativity, vibrant, spontaneity, and passion. Whereas, if it is positioned adversely, it will display sadness, gloom, negativity, health problems and financial problems.

Since it has already been mentioned that ruby stone embodies the positive and negative energies of the sun within it. And wearing this stone stimulates the positive forces in the horoscope of a person and let him/her obtain numerous favorable results in their lives.

Ruby Gemstone Benefits

Professional and Academic Success– Ruled by the powerful Sun, ruby stone benefits people working in professions or positions where authority is commanded e.g. administrative services, politics, diplomacy and other leadership roles. It is also advised to be worn by students preparing for state or central services examinations.

Improved Financial and Social Status– One of the many acclaimed astrological benefits of wearing ruby is the improved social status of a native’s life. Astrologers believe that Manik stone benefits the wearer by not only elevating his financial condition but in maintaining his imperial and luxurious lifestyle as well.

Rejuvenated Health– Sun is regarded as the karaka of bones, eyes and heart. Restored vitality, improved blood circulation & eyesight are some of the health benefits of Manikya gemstone. In addition, ruby gemstone is also beneficial for people struggling with self-esteem issues. Ruby positively affects self-confidence by reorienting the emotional intelligence of the wearer.

Better Paternal Relationships– Since Sun is acknowledged as the father figure in vedic astrology, it is known to bear some influence on paternal relationships. It is believed that Manik ratan is also beneficial for the native’s father and thus can be worn to improve his weakened circumstances as well.

Ruby Quality

Ruby stone (meaning Manikya in Hindi) is a rare and highly popular gemstone. A high-quality ruby comes from a reputed origin, displays balance in colour saturation & consistency with minimal contamination. International gemstone market uses globally accepted standards to assess the quality of rubies which can help customers understand how much are rubies worth.

Origin: Burmese ruby or Old Burma ruby is the most popular ruby origin because of its brilliant colour saturation and consistency. However, the discovery of new ruby mines in Africa and Asia has expanded the choice range for customers by giving away new varieties like Mozambique ruby, Thailand ruby and Afghanistan ruby.

Colour: Of all the quality factors, the colour of ruby has the most profound impact on the overall value of rubies. Dark red but well balanced, colour-consistent ruby gemstones are more desirable. Pigeon blood colour is the most sought-after ruby stone colour but is immensely rare and may cost millions for a fine quality piece.

Clarity: Clarity of ruby is judged by the number, size, location and angle of natural imperfections or inclusions found in the Manik gemstone. Majority of rubies are lightly or heavily included with visible inclusions. A ruby with see-through clarity or inclusions not visible to the naked eye is extremely rare and undoubtedly expensive.

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