BRICS an important player in international affairs against unilateralism and power politics: China

China has said that the current international situation is very complicated with headwinds of protectionism, unilateralism, power politics and bullying practices. Highlighting the importance of BRICS in such a scenario, China said that the world is watching closely the constructive role played by BRICS countries. China’s comments came at a time when the situation in the Gulf region is very tensed after the US killed an Iranian military leader in an airstrike.

India, China and Russia have urged calm and restraint from all sides and to de-escalate the tension in the region. They have advocated that peace and stability in West Asia and the Gulf region must be upheld.

In recent years, the BRICS has shown greater solidarity and deepening practical cooperation and influence to achieve multi-polar world order and it has become an increasingly important force in international affairs.


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