‘Boycott China’ call rattles Beijing; slams Swadeshi Jagaran Manch

Chinese official media outlet Global Times has slammed Swadeshi Jagaran Manch, an RSS-inspired organisation, for demanding boycott of China and Chinese products. The article, written by Chinese strategic expert Liu Xiaoxue, states: “The anti-China group is calling for India to launch frictions with China ‘in trade and investment’. That irresponsible call has been echoed by a handful of Indian celebrities with large numbers of followers.”

Acknowledging that the campaign is gaining momentum, the article further says: “Some in India are enthusiastically promoting hostility toward China for their own interests, though they likely account for just a small percentage of India’s vast population. They have called for a China boycott each time an issue has arisen between the two neighbors, placing bilateral ties in a dangerous position.”

According to Global Times, “rational voices in India have repeatedly pointed out that it is unrealistic and self-destructive for Asia’s third-largest economy to launch frictions with the largest economy in the region.”

Although China triggered the current trouble on the Line of Actual Control by staging incursions into Indian territory and mounting an unprovoked attack on Indian army personnel even as de-escalation process was underway, its propaganda machinery has been attacking India for the violent face-off. Indian experts said China has misjudged India’s resolve. Putting up a brave front, the Chinese media stated: “India should understand that China’s restraint is not weak. The two nations should cherish their precious development opportunities and maintain good bilateral ties. It would be extremely dangerous for India to allow anti-China groups to stir public opinion, thus escalating tensions.”

Although the Global Times author took considerable pains to drive home the impact on Indian economy on account of Covid-19 pandemic and current border tensions, he hasn’t cared to explain how bad ties with India would impact its economy.