Minority tag: BJP wins most seats in Lingayat areas, Cong move backfires

The move by the Congress to classify Lingayats, the single largest caste formation in Karnataka as a minority religion, has backfired. In most of the LIngayat dominated seats, the BJP has emerged victorious.

However, the move has its own repercussions for the future if efforts are not taken to nullify the negative impact.  Although there were a few takers for the minority tag for Lingayats, including some prominent seers, the general public could see through the Congress design. A large section of Lingayats were angry, as the move would weaken the Hindu society.

The Congress had tried to drive home the message that separate religious tag will help the community. Newspaper advertisements were given to explain the advantages. But the majority of the Lingayats dismissed it as a political gimmick.