BJP likely to repeat 2014 show; NDA to cross 300-mark  

    The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is learnt to have carried out a constituency-wise survey through its own machinery and found that the BJP is likely to repeat the 2014 show and together with its NDA allies, the figure will cross 300 seats. The total tally of the NDA could cross 320 and reach up to 360, according to sources.

    In the crucial state of UP, the BJP is likely to repeat the performance bagging more than 70 seats. The reading of the BJP leadership is that at grassroots level, the Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party alignment has not worked. The Congress’ bid to cut into the BJP votes has not worked, reducing it to a poor third.

    Intelligence agencies also predict almost similar outcome with the possibility of BJP alone bagging about 270 seats. The NDA tally could touch 320 seats.

    The BJP hopes to sweep the entire North-Eastern states. Its performance in the Eastern states of Bengal and Odisha is set to improve in a major way. A conservative estimate states that BJP will get about 10-12 seats in Bengal where it is fighting a well-entrenched Trinamool Congress.

    In Delhi, the BJP is likely to bag all the seats. The party is expected to open its account in southern state of Kerala this time. In other Hindi heartland states, the BJP might lose some seats but gains from other states would compensate for the loses, said a source in the RSS.


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