BJP downplays Lakshadweep desertions; Left support for Sultana’s ‘anti-national’ remarks

Bharatiya Janata Party has downplayed the resignation of 15 BJP workers from the Lakshadweep unit of the party, allegedly in protest against registration of FIR against filmmaker Aisha Sultana for making anti-national statements. Sultana had alleged that the Narendra Modi government had used coronavirus as a bioweapon against the residents of Lakshadweep. FIR against Sultana was filed in Lakshadweep and other parts of the country.

Talking to a news agency, BJP Kerala Vice-President K S Radhakrishnan said, “There’s a nominal presence of BJP in Lakshadweep. The majority of people do not belong to BJP. So the BJP persons were terrorized, coerced by the majority. So they have no other option but to endorse the views adopted by the majority party.”  On the question of FIR against Sultana, Radhakrishnan said, the controversial filmmaker “committed a seditious action as any action to instigate the people to revolt against the government (Lakshadweep) amounts to sedition.”

Meanwhile, Sultana got wholehearted support from Left and Islamist parties in the state. In a video clip, state education minister V S Sivankutty is seen taking to the film director, where he promised all kinds of support to her. Sivankutty invited her to call on Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.