Bihar on high alert: Terrorist intrusion expected through Nepal border

Bihar has been put on high alert by Special Branch of Bihar following a threat of possible terrorists intrusion from Taliban and Jaish-e-Mohammad entering the state through the Nepal border.

Bihar Special Branch has issued the alert to all districts in the state. According to inputs, the ISI has formulated a plan to send about 5-6 Taliban and Jaish terrorists, trained by the Pakistan army.

“As per an input, a threatening email was received on NIA control room indicating a hit list having names of Hon’ble Union Home Minister and other BJP leaders. Please keep a lookout for the movements of Kashmiri terrorists, Muslim Fundamentalists i.e. Jaish-e-Mohammad, Al Qaeda and all Pakistan, Taliban, Afghanistan, Jihad, terrorist organisation, Islamic Terrorist Organisation, Left-wing extremist elementrs, and North-eastern Insurgent Groups, All India Security Supect and Rabid Communalists who could threaten the security of the VVIP,” read the alert.