Big win for BJP; Karnataka an indicator for 2019

A few days back, we had predicted that BJP would win the Karnataka polls getting at least 120 seats out of the total of 224 seats and that JDS would not become “king maker”. ( … today our prediction has come true! There is no doubt today that the people of Karnataka decided emphatically that they would vote in favour of VIKAS and the Nation-First policies of PM Modi.


BJP is leading by double, against Congress, in all the seats in Urban and Rural Karnataka.

JDS has retained its stronghold areas.

BJP is leading in Coastal Karnataka.

In SC and ST constituency seats in Karnataka, BJP is leading.

CM Siddaramaiah has lost from his Chamundeshwari Constituency.

Yeddyurappa has won in Shekharipura constituency.

JDS has made inroads into Congress seats and has been able to influence the Vokkaliga community.

After Effects:

  • Shri Yeddyurappa will most likely be the new CM of Karnataka.
  • “Locally, people were fed up of the government that was not paying respect to the law and order situation. A whole lot of issues, on which the government did nothing for four years and suddenly it wanted to do the dirty toxic activities to win,” said Nirmala Sitharaman, Defence Minister.
  • Speaking to news channel, Congress leader D K Shivakumar said that Congress President Rahul Gandhi did his best. “Rahul Gandhi did his best, but it is we who have lost the elections. We, the local leadership, should have encashed it in a proper way. It is because of us that we lost.”
  • West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee tweeted, “Congratulations to the winners of the Karnataka elections. For those who lost, fight back. If Congress had gone into an alliance with the JD(S), the result would have been different. Very different.”
  • Congress has now only Punjab State in its kitty. Though it has a pan Indian presence thanks to its worker base, it can hardly be called a National party as far as ruling the Nation goes.
  • Karnataka remains the only State in South India which still has a National Party ruling it. All other South Indian States have Regional parties ruling them.

Reading between the lines of the words of the opposition and the Congress leaders, it is very obvious that once again, no fingers will be raised on Rahul Gandhi’s leadership or lack of it. Also, the desperation of the entire opposition, who are passing comments on the ‘well-oiled machinery’ of Mr. Amit Shah, is evident. BJP leaders on the other hand, have gone all out to praise their booth-level workers first, and the leadership next.

Karnataka will definitely hope that BJP under the leadership of Shri Yeddyurappa, will keep up its promises of protection to farmers, VIKAS and the policy of no interference in Hindu Temples. Jai Hind!