“Biden works for China”: US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump on Saturday said that his Democratic Party counterpart works for China. He also added that no other administration has took the toughest-ever action on China.

“I took the toughest-ever action on China-defending Michigan’s workers against China’s plundering theft. If Biden wins, China will own America-they pay him (Biden) a fortune. He works for China,” Trump said at the election rally.

“I did more in 47 months than what sleepy Joe Biden did in 47 years. The Democrats are pushing the most far-left agenda ever put forward by a presidential nominee. The Biden plan would destroy social security,” he added.

“The country was coming together and then we had the ChinaVirus flowed in. This country was coming together because there is nothing like success. Success was bringing people together,” he added.

Trump said that the US has “saved millions of lives” and that the projected deaths due to COVID-19 were supposed to be 2.2 million “but the fake news never says that”.

“We has this horrible plague that came in from China and we are not going to forget that it came from China. It went from all over the world. We had signed an incredible deal with China and ink hadn’t even dried, then this happened,” Trump said.