BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Here are the ‘Dangers’ of Wearing A Mask!

As the entire human population resorts to wearing masks in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, a number of people have come up with stringent criticism based on shreds of evidence that shows it would significantly reduce the quality of oxygen intake.

One driver who crashed his SUV into a pole in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, on April 23 actually blamed his collision on his mask. He told police he passed out because he’d been wearing an N95 mask for too long. Netizens celebrated the news that led to widespread reach of the news.

People believe that wearing a mask is reducing their intake of oxygen—or forcing them to breathe in their own carbon dioxide. This leaves them feeling faint, light-headed, or “smothered.” They’re also concerned about how dangerous this is, and how less oxygen and more carbon dioxide might affect their health.

Here is a video that reveals the dangers of wearing a mask: