Before We Blame Tabletop Runways For Karipur Air Crash

While the country is still appalled by the recent air crash in Karipur airport in Kerala, discussions are on the nature of Kozhikode airport and the safety of a landing in the one of the tabletop airports in the country. Perhaps run away from the responsibility of a veteran former Wing Commander DV Sathe Pilot or to uphold the spirit of the nation by protecting his expertise in handling even during toughest situations, there are a few things that experts in the field point out.

While pointing out tabletop is much safer as it is on more hight to have earlier visibility, an expert points out that the safety of the landing is depended upon the length of the runway, let it be a tabletop or flatland. He says that the risk is to skid out of runway, which is much less common than that of a flight missing or blasting while flying.

“The primary impression for me the captain made a challenge with the confidence from his experience, but nature has always its own way,” an anonymous source reveals adding that Karipur is more than 30 years old and 100 thousands of flight already landed.

While there are 4 more airports within 20-40 minutes, the expert further says that it would have been better if the piolet could have avoided for there should be extra fuel to use in an emergency for a couple of hours flying after actual travel distance. However, further investigation would throw more light into what really had happened.

Adding that he is not arguing about Captain Sathe’s experience in AF and rewards, he further said that the decision could have been better if he chose different Aiport for landing due to bad weather. As this is a usual practice everywhere even in CCJ, like Delhi Airport runway closing due to heavy fog.