Bear Grylls is ‘Sanghi’ for LeLi, Urban Maoist trolls

Urban Maoists and a section of Left-Liberals (LeLi) have launched a troll campaign against Bear Grylls for doing an episode of his most popular show Man vs Wild with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While some have launched a vicious campaign, recalling his granddad’s military assignment (Bear Gryll’s grandfather was a World War II Nazi hunter who worked for Great Britain during the conflict), others like Kavita Krishnan, a CPI(ML) leader, did the favour of educating Bear about Modi’s past and his commissions and omissions.

Some made Bear wear Sanghi attire complete with khakhi shorts and red tilak. An enthusiastic Modi baiter Ashok Swain brought out the Bear-Modi connection in a tweet: “Granddad was a Nazi Hunter, Grandson Hunts with a Nazi!”


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