Banks of Ambika River Witness A Unique Worship; Avadhoota says it is our due

It was a blessed occasion for even the sands of River Ambika in Gujarat, when a few people deriving inspiration from the Vedic heritage offered their obeisances to nature in a programme called ‘Prakruti Samrakshana Prakalp’. The project for the protection of nature by Manava Seva Samiti was inaugurated with a Prakruti Pooja at Ambika River, Nogama village, Navasari district in Gujarat on 17th September 2020.

The Concept

“All beings are different manifestation of Almighty. “Anoraneeyan… Mahato Mahayana” (from an atom to cosmos), wherever we experience existence, that is Almighty, that is Prakruti,” said Avadhoota Nadananda of Siddhaganj, Karnool who is behind the concept of Prakruthi Pooja. “We, Bharateeyas always believed from time immemorial in worshipping each and every being, whether it is a plant, or tree, river, sky, thunder, sun, moon, planets, insects, birds, animals, reptiles, humans etc.

Prakruti pooja means not the external worshipping only, but to protect and keep up in a proper way like planting trees, non-polluting rivers or ponds, proper waste management, rainwater harvesting etc … will come under this project. When you protect Prakruti, you are protecting the Prakruti within you. For future generations, let us come forward to consider Prakruti Samrakshana Prakalp as a Sadhana, Says Avadhoota Nadananda of Siddhaganj a mystic who transformed the lives of many with his noble initiatives for humanity.

Avadhoota further requested all branches of Manav Seva Samiti to take up the project which we need to spare some time daily for this Sadhana. As a beginning, the branches can plant trees on the roadside, conduct awareness programs for non-polluting nature, cleaning river banks, cleaning water bodies like ponds, streams, rainwater preservation etc can be done. Avadhuta further said that this will bring transformational changes in nature and the environment.