Balakot Infiltration: India preparing for yet another military action?

Balakot Infiltration: India preparing for yet another military action?

Media asks if Balakot attack would repeat, Army Chief asks what if a more deadly attack than Balakot?

With reports from Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat confirming more than 500 terrorists ready to infiltrate from Pakistan, chances are high India would attempt another military action, experts say. Reports also say that with the Indian Army Chief’s statement, Pakistan is also in vigil expecting an attack from India at any time.

While addressing the media General Bipin Rawat had said that terror modules at Balakot in Pakistan, which were destroyed by the Indian Air Force, are known to have been reactivated. He said Indian Defence Forces are always ready to face any hostile situation. He was talking to reporters in Chennai on the sidelines of a programme.

General Rawat said, Pakistan is violating the ceasefire agreement to push terrorists into India. He said, there is information that about five hundred terrorists from across the border are trying to infiltrate into India. General Rawat said the army is prepared and would ensure that maximum infiltration bids are averted.

“My gut feeling is that Pakistan possibly feels that India might do something. They are worried that if something goes wrong in the hinterland, whether orchestrated by Pakistan or whether orchestrated from within the country with Pakistan’s help, India will hit back,” the Army chief said.