Ayurveda is holistic, modern medicine not; health is not just a matter of genetics: Frawley

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Dr David Frawley, also known as Pandit Vamadeva Shastri, has worked extensively teaching, writing, lecturing, conducting research and helping establish schools and associations related to Ayurveda and Vedic fields over the last more than three decades. His translations and interpretations of the ancient Vedic teachings and Indic systems of medicine have been acclaimed in both spiritual and scholarly circles.

The Padma Bhushan awardee Vedic teacher in an exclusive interview to Indusscrolls said that the Indic system of medicine scores over other systems when it comes to modern lifestyle diseases.

“Today we have very difficult lifestyle situations with very stressful work-oriented lives and our way of life that has removed us away from Nature. So there are many more lifestyle issues from health issues like diabetes and heart disorders to psychological issues like depression, anxiety and tension disorders. These are becoming the dominant problems and issues dealt with by the global medicine today. In this regard, Ayurveda has many special benefits as does yoga and many of the other Indic health systems, because in the Ayush systems the foundation of our health and well-being is our daily living and behaviour including lifestyle, food, exercise, thinking patterns and emotions etc. It explains the significant health problems of today and how to deal with them from a standpoint of natural healing of the Indic systems of medicine. It is much easier to deal with in terms of the cost and is also simpler to deal with at the behavioural level. But it does require changes in how we live on a daily basis,” says the Ayurveda Acharya.

Dr Frawley is working to revive traditional Ayurveda both in the contexts of modern Ayurveda in India and popular Ayurveda in the western world. He emphasises on the behavioural aspect of medicine that was known to ancient Ayurveda practitioners but is now being examined by the Western world as well.

He says, “The Ayurveda or Indic medicine system introduced the behavioural aspect of medicine, which is becoming one of the most important new aspects of medicine being examined also in the Western world. Today our health system is not just a matter of genetics it is also a matter of what we are doing, how we live every day and how we connect with natural forces and their particular changes.