Avoid traps of Bollywood, Hansal Mehta warns young actors: What did he really mean?

Statements that indicate Bollywood could be a dangerous place for actors, there are many statements pouring in from various corners. The recent tweet by filmmaker Hansal Mehta is also one such in which he has warned young “outsiders” to avoid the traps of Bollywood.

“There are many young ‘outsiders’ in this industry. Remember this — there is an establishment that will make you feel like the next big thing until they need you. They will drop you and mock you as soon as you falter. Do not fall for the trap,” he wrote.

“The ones that celebrate you will celebrate your downfall some time later. Success and failure are transient. You are not. Just be authentic, follow your heart and stop seeking acceptance from anybody. Your connection should be with your art, your craft and with your audience. Nothing else matters,” added the “Aligarh” maker.

The director further writes: “Over the years you will succeed, you will stumble. But remember that nothing is more important than you. Look after yourself. And know that you matter. The world is much bigger and wiser than what you perceive. So are opportunities. If you stay they will be yours. Lots of love. Never lose heart.”

The statements have already started stirring the Bollywood especially when the air is filled with the mourns for their favourite actor Sushant.