Avoid these five brain-killer foods

  • MSG – Mono sodium glutamate is a flavour enhancer that is responsible for cracking up sensation of Umami flavours on the tongue. Found in chips, Chinese food, tomato sauce, etc. It is dangerous as it causes weakness, heart palpitations, numbness, neurological damage, obesity and cancer.


  •  Aspartame- is a common artificial sweetener found in Sugar-free, ice-cream, Iced-tea, Jams and jellies, Ice cream toppings, Fruit spreads, Sugar-free ketch up, Sugar-free cookies, pudding, diet soda etc. It accounts for 75% adverse reactions on the human system which includes seizures and death. Both MSG and aspartame toxins that excite the brain to death.


  • Sucralose – which comes with the label as Splenda. It is harmful because it’s made by chlorinated artificial sweetener like aspartame. Despite its marketing slogan “Made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar,” Splenda (sucralose) is not sugar. Sucralose is a chlorinated artificial sweetener. Consuming artificial sweeteners like Splenda causes weight gain, migraine and seizures.


  • Diecetyl – The warm buttery popcorn that we eat while watching movies consists of Diecetyl which is actually a brain toxin that can cross the blood brain barrier- a defence mechanism that prevents harmful substances from entering the brain which causes Alzheimer.


  • Aluminium – Aluminium is a known neurotoxin. Aluminium is present in everywhere that includes drinking water, supplements, antacids, deodorants, cans, foils and is used in cookware.