AUTUMN: Poem by Nureen Fatima

Painting: Silvia

Yet again as the sun sets,
I admire the brilliant red the sky gets.
I feel a chill in the air.
Is it time winter sets?
The trees have their leaves shed.
Leaves, that had turned a bright red.
Walking down the lonely road,
I see red all around me.
Leaves blown in the wind.
The chill makes me hold on to my sweater.
A few shivering young ones without a heater,
Make me feel sorry and tugs my heart.
Wish I could help them and keep them warm.
Find them a shelter so they are safe from harm.
But, alas I am now old.
Do not wander alone many times I am told.
This face, a wrinkly criss-crossed maze.
Sign of years I have seen and through rough patches I’ve
Now, in the autumn of my life,
Everything’s a mess and all seems a rife.
I await to look with strained eyes,
Once again at the blue skies.
Trees green and pretty,
The birds chirpy and merry.
I await the Spring
And the smile on my lips it brings.

Poem by Nureen Fatima