Aryan Invasion Theory deflated

Historians, mostly Europeans, had defined Hindus as descendants of hosts of light-skinned nomadic tribes named Aryans from Central Asia/Europe who “invaded” us between 1500 BC and 1000 BC either out of sheer ignorance or as a measure of mischief with a certain design. Quite obviously, entire accolade of raising superior Vedic Darsana  was appropriated to them, named Indo-Aryan, first coined by Max Mueller. In reality, Hindus were indigenous people of the country, coming from nowhere outside the region. The word Aryan  already existed in the Hindu/Sanskrit lexicon meaning “cultured/noble/enlightened” and used to be mutually addressed by the same. Later, it was established that they wished to proselytise Hindus after propagating the doctrine that Vedas have been mere mythology. Max Muller wrote that the “Vedas were worse than savage” and “India must be conquered again by education… its religion is doomed”. Thomas Babbington Macaulay  introduced English oriented education among Hindus to convert them into a race that was, “Indian in blood and colour but English in taste, in opinion, in morals, and in intellect.” It is interesting to observe that they admired Veda-s to the hilt, then propagated the theory that Aryans migrated into the nation and they authored Vedas, then spared no effort to prove and convince, Vedas were mythological and dubious, therefore we ought to accept Christianity.

It was only much later, with the archaeological findings of Harappan civilisation, proceeds of excavations carried out at Mohanjodaro/ Harappa in early last century, that the claims were challenged effectively. It was discovered that much before so-called Indo-Aryan  invasion, highly refined and developed urban civilisation existed in the country. The civilisation attained it’s highly refined status by 2600 BC or so. It’s emergence may be ascribed to the year 3100 BC as it generally takes 500 years or so for a civilisation to stabilise.

Was there really an Indo-Aryan invasion during the period of 1500 BC to 1000 BC as claimed?

The so-called invasion is based on fragile grounds. Swami Vivekananda  rightly stated, “There is not one word in our scriptures, not one, to prove that Aryan ever came from anywhere outside the country.”

In the same vein, Dr. Ambedkar too asserted, “Theory of Aryan  Invasion is an invention. It is based upon nothing but pleasing assumptions. It is a perversion of scientific investigations, it is not allowed to evolve out of facts. On the contrary, the theory is pre-conceived and facts are selected to prove it.”

History of India  authored by Mount Stuart Elphinstone in 1841 stated categorically, “Neither in the code of Manu  nor Vedas nor in any other book is there any allusion to a prior residence or to a knowledge of more than the name of any country out of India…to say that it spread from a central point is a gratuitous assumption.”

Dr. Ambedkar studied Vedas and Zend-Avesta deeply and arrived at following conclusions –

Vedic  wisdom does not know Aryan race at all.

Nowhere Vedas mention Dasas/Dasyus, purported to be original inhabitants of Bharat, being conquered by some Aryan race.

No racial distinction is available among Aryans, Dasas and Dasyus.

Vedas do not indicate so-called Aryans had a different complexion from Dasas and Dasyus. Anthropometry proves, all belonged to the same race.

The Aryan  Invasion Theory also fails to respond to certain posers effectively, such as –

How can ‘Aryans’ who otherwise revealed strong attachment to land, mountains, rivers and forests, did not bring in here nostalgic memories of their previous homelands? How is that they wrote about these exactly like ‘sons of the soil’?

How is that the so-called ‘Aryan-Invaders’ did not bring any item from their original homeland like pottery, tools, weapons, art pieces, objects of worship, utensils etc.? How is that there are no traces of genocide, destruction of forts etc. which normally proceed after invasions?

How could admittedly unlettered ‘Aryan-Invaders’ leave behind highly advanced wisdom like Vedas/Upanishads for us if Harappans were purportedly uncivilised/unlettered?

How could Vedic  expressions like Sabha, Samiti, Samrat, Rajan  etc. denoting organised assemblies and organisational hierarchies, belong to a nomadic tribe of invaders, so-called ‘Aryans’ ? Did these not really belong to the indigenous Harappans?

Botanical studies have proved that the flora and fauna described in Vedas could exist only in tropical environment of north-west Bharat  and never in the cold climate of Central Asia. How could they author all that when they came in as unlettered nomadic tribals?

Horse bones recovered from excavations of Kalibangan, Ropar, Malvan have been proved to be of indigenous paleontological variety and not from Central Asia. Surkotada horse too, has been proved to be of Bharatiya  variety by an international expert on horses. Then how could those nomadic tribals invade the country from a distant land ?

In all likelihood, a vehicle like chariot could have been developed in the plains of north Bharata  rather than in an uneven terrain of Central Asia. Several examples of terracotta wheels with spokes have been discovered at sites like Rakhigarhi and Banwali. Why should those invaders develop chariots in their homeland and invade the country mounted on that?

All Sanatana Hindu  scriptures are silent on any possible Aryan-Dravidian conflict.

In absence of any credible answers, theory of Aryan Invasion proves to be a figment of imagination of those who were ill-willed towards our Vedic civilisation and future of the nation.

Theory of Aryan  Invasion is an invention. It is based upon nothing but pleasing assumptions. It is a perversion of scientific investigations, it is not allowed to evolve out of facts. On the contrary, the theory is pre-conceived and facts are selected to prove it: Dr BR Ambedkar

The most credible evidence came recently from genetic studies. Intercontinental research in cellular-molecular biology conducted by Prof. Lalji Singh, ex-Vice Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University has completely smashed the Aryan Invasion Theory and placed those so-called scholars to utter shame and ignominy. Their authentic findings reported in the American Journal Human Genetics proved that all Bharatiyas have the same DNA and there has been no foreign gene into the Hindu  gene pool for the last 60,000 years. It has been indeed, the other way around. It is the Central Asian who have Indian genes as Hindus had migrated into these territories thousands of years ago. Canard of Aryan Invasion into the nation has spread far and wide. It has taken so deep roots that even Lokmanya Tilak  and Acharya Vinoba Bhave  too, could not escape it’s sinister effects as they mentioned it in their works on Srimad Bhagvad Gita. We still have to go a long way to entirely liberate our mindsets from the hang-over of McCaulay Phenomenon.

A three year-long study conducted by a team of Bharatiya archaeologists and DNA experts from Harvard Medical School led to publication of a research paper in the scientific journal “Cell” on Sept. 5, 2019 titled ‘An Ancient Harappan Genome Lacks Ancestry From Pastoralists And Iranian Farmers’. The paper concludes authentically, Hindus came from a genetic pool predominantly belonging to an indigenous ancient civilisation. DNA samples were extracted from a skeletal remains dating back to about 2800-2300 BC from Rakhigiri, near Hissar in Haryana, one among largest Indus Valley sites discovered so far. Lead author of the paper Prof. Vasant Shinde declared, there was no Aryan Invasion or migration and all developments right from hunting-gathering stage to modern times in Asia were achieved by indigenous people.

Hindus of the country are very much indigenous inhabitants and not migrants/invaders from abroad. Even before the so-called invasion, we have been Aryans.