ARMIES OF BROTHERHOOD: Poem by Ramesh Warrier

Courtesy: Brotherhood Painting by Eugirro Diomampo

The World is reeling under the Onslaught,
The Torrent of Crisis Never Ends.
Relentlessly, One after the Other,
They Lash the Lands of the Living.

Angry Seas, Rampant Floods, Plagues and Deluge,
Just to Name a few.
Greed, Power and Religion Indulge in War-games to Meet Their Selfish ends,
Men Kill Men in a show of delirious cannibalism.

Nature’s Furry Leaves Farmers in Distress,
Religious Ramblings Tear the Human fabric To Shreds.
Expansionist Regimes behead all who stand in their path,
Virulent Pandemic Rips Mankind Apart.

Sometimes I Wonder …
Pondering Over the Root Cause,
Is the Greed of Men Pushing World to the Edge?
As The Theory of Chaos Rule the Lands amid Death and Destruction.

The Science of Medicine Puffs and Pants,
To Meet the Avalanching challenges Head-on.
As The Stakes Raise Sky High,
The Walls of Limited Knowledge Start to Crumble.

The Strength of Human Spirit Awakes from Deep Slumber,
Survival Instincts Take Instant Charge.
Pondering Positive Thoughts Give Power to Soar,
And Faith Helps To Raise Like Phoenix, Out Of the Amber Flames of Decimation,
As all of human race from Children to Elders Fall In Line.

Resistance Mounts for One Final Onslaught
Love, Care and Kindness Add Fuel to the Armies of Brotherhood
Beautiful Minds Wield Pen Mightier Than Sword
Pure Hearts Make Truce With Nature, To Recall Her Rampaging Renegade.
As Peace Descends Once More To The World Of Valiant Hearts.

© Ramesh Warrier
All Rights Reserved.