Are we close to a war on Kashmir issue?

With the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday threatening to go to war following the government’s decision to scrap Article 370, people in both countries are fretful if the recent incidents would take to another war between India and Pakistan. However it is clear that Pakistan is looking at the response from the UN where the issue would be discussed soon.

In his latest address in PoK, Khan said people of his country are ready to fight for the “freedom” of Kashmir. While criticizing RSS and its ideology, Khan also highlighted incidents of lynching of Muslims in the country, saying the community is living in fear. The Pakistan prime minister added that the current developments in Kashmir are alarming for the Muslim population living in the Valley, citing media reports.

On the other hand, Pakistan is afraid of a possible attack similar to that of the recent surgical strike. “They will attempt to place the blame on us again,” Khan said. “They may strike us again, and we will strike back. … Who will win that war? No one will win it and it will have grievous consequences for the entire world.”

This is not the first time Imran Khan has tried to create a hype over the developments in Kashmir. The Pakistan prime minister has been constantly raising an alarm over the Modi government’s decision to scrap Article 370.


  1. Barking Dogs seldom bite. Pak’s wailing about War for Kashmir betrays it’s fear of it. It knows in the event of hostilities breaking out , P5 wouldn’t allow it to use N weapons. And it will get thrashed in conventional war resulting in loss of POK first and Baluchistan later.


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