Anti-triple talaq campaigner snubs mullah who issued a fatwa against her

    A prominent cleric in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, has issued a fatwa against a woman anti-triple talaq campaigner. Nida Khan runs an NGO to support Muslim women who were victims of triple talaq.

    Khan has been receiving threats ever since she launched the campaign. The Supreme Court has banned the concept as “unconstitutional” and “un-Islamic”. But certain sections of the Muslim community refuse to accept the verdict. Recently an All-India Muslim Personal Law Board member claimed that Nikah-Halala and triple talaq are part of Shariah, the Muslim personal law.

    The fatwa, issued by Shahar Imam Mufti Khurshid Alam, called for a social boycott of Khan unless she “apologise” for her NGO work. PTI quoted cleric having said, “No medicines will be provided if she falls ill. If she dies, no one is allowed to offer ‘namaz’ on her ‘zanaja’ [funeral procession]. She cannot be buried in kabristan [graveyard] after her death. She wants amendment in shariah while Islamic laws were made by Allah. As Nida has been giving statements against Quran and Hadith, she is dismissed from Islam.”

    However, Nida Khan has been getting support from thousands of Muslim women She said, “India is a democratic country. No one can ostracise me from Islam. Only Allah can decide who is guilty.”



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