‘Anti-national’ Opp parties providing a fig leaf to badly battered Pak

    Left campaign #SayNoToWar a bid to paint India an aggressor; Congress, Liberals too join the pro-Pak bandwagon

    The CPI(M) and Congress are vying with each other in Kerala to show who is more loyal to Pakistan. After CPI(M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan made a moronic statement that India was the aggressor, former Chief Minister Oommen Chandy showered glowing praises on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu for ensuring airman Abhinandan’s release.

    Pakistan electronic and print media are all praise for Indian journalists and opposition politicians who questioned the Indian government and army. The Dawn daily published a report quoting Congress leaders that Balakote exercise was a failure and the government is cooking up figures of casualty.  The social media is also full of messages and reports attacking Modi and the government for taking a strident position against Pakistan.

    Immediately after the Congress statement, the Pak media has started a campaign saying that the Prime Minister had admitted the strike was a failure. The Congress and the opposition parties are giving a fig leaf for the Pakistan army and administration which are looking for damage control.



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