Another Major Setback to Pakistan; Can’t you cry aloud, Imran?

Failing to get support from even a single country in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) against India with regards to alleged human rights violation in Kashmir, Pakistan has once again faced a major setback. The development has come as a major embarrassment for Imran Khan over his stand on Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistan’s resolution with regards to alleged human rights violation in Kashmir fell flat as it did not get support of even one country. Pakistan had earlier claimed that it will gather support of more than 50 countries. This has exposed Pakistan’s isolation in international community.

India’s first secretary in the permanent mission at the UNHRC, Kumam Mini Devi lashed out at Pakistan over its human rights record. She said all the decisions of India on Jammu and Kashmir are totally internal issues and Pakistan is trying to misrepresent the facts.

She also said that Pakistan has a dismal record of Human Rights against its own people of Balochistan, Sindh and its occupied Kashmir.