Another activist disguised as old woman claims to have entered Sabarimala


    Using deceit and deception, another woman activist, PS Manju, 36, claimed to have entered Sabarimala on Tuesday (January 6).  Manju, who is an accused in many criminal cases, disguised herself as an old woman to undertake this feat, which was celebrated by Kairali, the CPI(M)-owned channel and some pro-Left media outlets. According to some earlier reports, her real name is Manju Joseph and had contested as a candidate of the Congress in the local body elections.

    Manju dyed her hair and put on a specs and sported vibhuti to defraud the devotees. Although she had made two attempts in the past, she could not make it owing to the protest and heavy rain. According to her Facebook post, Manju herself is heard saying, “I entered Sabarimala on 8th January. I travelled from Thrissur by bus and faced no resistance as a young woman devotee, even from other devotees. I was in the temple for around two hours, for various rituals.”


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