ALWAYS IN MY TIME: Poem by Gina Bonasera

Painting Courtesy: Woman Abstract Painting by Corporate Art Task Force

Mother among the most beautiful flowers of creation,
among the brightest stars, I see you.
I look for you in the perfume of a beauty
timeless, in the places of childhood,
who welcomed my first steps.
In that enchanted garden where
sang the crickets and I caught the
white butterflies, how sweet it was
firm grasp of your hand, when
I tripped over the first falls.
You source of energy, of love, truth
in the agitated ocean of my life, between
a pain, a disappointment, a cry,
as the years passed between pangs
fogs and light clearings.
With half-closed eyes I listen to the silence
that speaks to me of you, of us, and in the remote
far away your last days, in that bed
of fire, your immense eyes, that me
they indicated the way to go, the way that
marks where to go, because lifelike
you said it is in the fingers of the dawn.
I love you mother, today more than yesterday, forever
in my time.

Poem by Gina Bonasera

Gina Bonasera lives and works in Marsala (Sicily-Italy). Graduated in Classical Letters, she has always loved art: literature, cinema, photography, preferring poetry and painting. Her first compositions date back officially to 1986, with themes ranging from hymn to nature, to life, to love, to social issues. She expresses herself in Italian and in vernacular. Not neglecting the various traditional literary and pictorial artistic currents, she has developed a constant research stylistically more and more updated, tending to a personal style that avoids imitations. In her lyrics, words mix with colors giving musicality and vitality to poetry and painting, transferring us to excellent spheres, in reality others, where there is no horizontal of prose but only verticality. Her poetry translates into pure transcendence After the hermetic western poetry, Gina is open to oriental Japanese poetry and in particular to haiku, going beyond the word, making room for contemplation, silence. . She successfully attended the artistic circles of her city, actively participating in cultural promotions both nationally and internationally.