‘Allah wreaked vengeance’ on Israel: Arab trolls on robotic lunar lander crash

    Netizens of Arab world celebrated the crash of the Israeli “Beresheet” robotic lunar lander and lunar probe on the social media as it attempted to land on the moon’s surface.

    Israel’s Beresheet spacecraft suffered an engine and communications failure, causing it to crash into the lunar surface on April 11 this year.

    According to MEMRI website, some of the responses expressed glee at the crash, or even said that Allah had “wreaked vengeance” on Israel.

    However, some level-headed journalists and social media users criticized these reactions, contrasting Israel’s scientific achievements with the Arabs’ backwardness.

    According to the website, one of the dominant reactions to the crash of the lunar lander was a sense of satisfaction. For example, an April 12, 2019 article on the Saudi website Al-Balad News stated that the crash joins a long series of Israeli failures, which also includes the failure of the Iron Dome and Arrow missile defense systems. It added: “Israel constantly spreads [claims] about imaginary successes that supposedly demonstrate its technological superiority in the region. It has even gone so far as to describe itself as a global superpower. But the reality on the ground has embarrassed Israel, which has become accustomed to spreading lies, exaggerations and inflated claims, and has refuted the lie of its scientific and technological superiority. Its latest absurd fantasy involved the launching of the first Israeli spacecraft. After Israel boasted of its ability to launch the first Israel-made spacecraft to the moon and set an unprecedented record, and glorified the Israeli capabilities, the report that the craft had crashed before it could [land] on the moon came as a shock to the occupation and embarrassed it, exposing its false propaganda…”

    “Mu’taz Abu Rida” tweeted: “True, the Israeli spacecraft Beresheet was launched at the moon and waved the Israeli flag on it, but our God is great.”  “Kassimo mimo,” from Algeria, tweeted: “Even the moon rejected normalization with the criminals… Israel is filth.”